Services & Procedures

Digital X-Ray:

We are equipped with an advanced Digital X-Ray facility, dedicated to providing you with the safest and convenient treatment options available. It provides several advanced imaging options that saves time and generates clearer dental photos. Within minutes the X-ray is visible on a big screen. Our prime focus is on creating a comfortable dental experience for all.  

We have RUG facility (RUG X-rays facility)

Root Canal Treatment:

With technological advancement, we are now able to perform the root canal treatment that otherwise requires a sequence of procedures, in a single setting. Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment consumes less time and is almost painless. So if you are experiencing a constant toothache or sensitivity in the tooth and/or jaw bone that may be a sign of some decay or infection, we will restore it to health with our high-tech approach. 

Ultrasonic scaling: (Teeth cleaning)

With Ultrasonic Scaling, we are able to clean and polish your teeth by easily and effectively removing difficult tartar build-up. The vibrations created by the Ultrasonic Scaling instrument make it a painless procedure and it helps us give our clients the best results in the form of polished white teeth. 


You should not let a damaged tooth impact your oral health negatively. We are here to help you with it by providing painless and comfortable dental extraction services. We even perform Disimpaction procedures which is the removal of the complicated third molar or the surgical removal of the wisdom tooth with minimal discomfort to our clients.

Crown and Bridge Treatment:

The Crown treatment refers to replacing a missing tooth with a protective cover like a cap on top of the tooth. The replaced part is made to look like your natural teeth. We offer different types of dental crowns:

1. Metal Crowns
2. PFM (Porcelain Fused-to-metal) Crowns
3. Zirconia Crowns

Crowns add strength to weak teeth, solve discoloration issues and provide many more dental solutions.
Dental Bridges are alternatives to the traditional dentures. It is a teeth replacement treatment where bridges are placed to give an entirely natural look.
All of this is done with precision in measurements and impressions. Dental Bridges help to maintain dental health and a stable bite. It helps deal with speaking and eating issues that arise due to missing or damaged teeth.


Teeth serve a very important role in our lives. Losing a few of them or majority of them due to some injury or due to age requires you to find suitable replacement options because sometimes it causes hindrances with daily living. So we offer high-tech and custom-made Partial Dentures and Full/Complete Dentures designed to restore the health of your smile! 

Partial Dentures, similar to full dentures are made to replace a few teeth at once to fill in the gaps and are even removable. These dentures are designed to match the rest of your teeth set and make it look as natural as possible. Dentures help maintain your eating and speaking ability that was once affected due to teeth loss.


Losing teeth or even a single tooth has a big impact on an individual’s life. It affects everyday living by causing issues with speaking, eating or makes one hesitant to even smile! At times such tooth or teeth loss even affects the jawbone’s integrity. We replace your missing tooth or teeth and restore its lost functions by offering advanced dental treatment in the form of Dental Implants. It is comfortable and the teeth are held securely in place. The implants look natural and feel just like your real teeth.

Light-cure Filling Treatment:

Restoring injured, decayed teeth or enamel defects has never been easier! With the help of the Light-curing composite filling treatment, we are able to provide an ideal tooth restoration solution. Unlike earlier fillings or treatments, you don’t have to deal with the black or silver colored spots on the teeth. This light-cure composite filling matches the teeth perfectly in color and is almost invisible. 

Orthodontic Treatment: (Teeth Straightening)

It is important to ensure that one’s teeth are healthy and strong as it affects overall health as well.  We provide advanced orthodontic care with the latest technology for children and adults through diagnosis, prevention and correction of dental and facial irregularities that are known to occur due to misalignment or missing or extra teeth or even incorrect jaw position or any other cause. 

Orthodontic Treatment or Teeth Straightening treatments are performed using braces of different kinds, among the other alternative methods. 

Oral Surgical Procedure:

We perform all kinds of oral surgical procedures.

Periodontal Procedures:

Any form of discomfort or issues with the gums and jawbone calls for the need to see a Periodontist. Scaling and Root Planing, Dental Implants, Laser and Regenerative Procedures, Grafting are some of the surgical and non-surgical periodontal procedures and treatments that we offer among others. 

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Cosmetic dental flaws many a time affect the individual’s self-esteem. Some even avoid smiling
due to it. Cosmetic Dentistry helps with restoring that smile and confidence. We offer procedures and treatments related to cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry.
Our cosmetic dentists have good experience in correcting various aesthetic issues and giving natural-looking
results. We provide treatments addressing dental flaws through dental restoration, enhancement

and maintenance treatments and procedures, aiming to make it look as natural as possible while
preserving as much of the natural teeth.With advanced techniques, we are able to offer you the best cosmetic dental care to make you feel even more confident with a smile that is not just aesthetically appealing but equally healthy.